Welcome to The Satisfaction Space

The space where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying!

Ever find yourself listening to the Satisfaction Factor podcast & wanting to add something to the conversation or ask a question?

This is a place where you can do just that!

The Satisfaction Space is a private community for listeners of the Satisfaction Factor podcast to access bonus content, get questions answered, and support each other in their Intuitive Eating & anti-diet work.

Why We Created This Space

We talk pretty often on the podcast about the importance of building community in a way that aligns with your values, but sometimes that can be hard to do IRL. 

We both know from personal experience that the internet can be a great place to meet other people who share a similar value system, have similar interests, and are working towards similar goals.

The Satisfaction Space is a brave space to dive deeper into the work of disengaging from diet culture & connect with other folks who are doing the same!

Membership Details 

  • $10/month, and ability to cancel at any time
  • Private virtual community of folks who share similar values & interests
  • Bonus content during the podcast off-weeks
  • Monthly live virtual hangouts with Naomi & Sadie (think Q&A sessions, mini group coaching sessions, and more!)
  • Community feed where you can post your comments or questions & get feedback from Naomi & Sadie, as well as your fellow community members

We're so excited to build this community with you!

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